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Software Developement

Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones today have moved beyond their fundamental role of communications and have graduated to become an extension of the persona of the user. We are witnessing an era when users buy mobile phones not just to be in touch, but to express themselves, their attitude, feelings & interests.

Customers continuously want more from their phone. They use their cellular phones to play games, read news headlines, surf the Internet, keep a tab on astrology, and listen to music, make others listen to their music, or check their bank balance.

Thus, there exists a vast world beyond voice that needs to be explored and tapped and the entire cellular industry is heading towards it to provide innovative options to their customers. Spoilt by choice, the mobile phone subscribers are beginning to choose their operators on the basis of the value added services they offer. The increased importance of VAS has also made content developers burn the midnight oil to come up with better and newer concepts and services. Furthermore, today's sophisticated users are demanding mobile applications with more processing power, flexibility, reliability, security and integration with other applications.

PocketStudioz has the tools, processes and experience necessary to help software companies to develop innovative mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively.

The VAS business model

The mobile VAS market across the globe has evolved into a complex ecosystem. There are multiple entities involved in the value chain but our research reveals that it is still not well defined and lot of overlapping takes place. A single entity performs one or more roles and several are also focusing on expanding their existing roles. The main entities involved in VAS value chain are:

. Booming economy
. Increasing comfort levels with basic mobility services
. Personalization of the digital world and digital devices
. Reduction in call rates & CPP initiation
. Market efforts driving VAS
. Focus on movies & music
. SMS contests

Current Growth & Future Potential for VAS

To understand the reasons behind the current popularity and predict the future potential for these services, we have grouped Mobile VAS into three broad heads, based on the nature of the service offering.

. Entertainment VAS- Entertainment VAS is designed for mass appeal and extensive usage. These provide entertainment for leisure time usage. An example of these kind of services are Jokes, Bollywood Ringtones & games. These services are currently very popular and are driving the revenues for the Indian mobile VAS market.

. Info VAS- These are the services which provide useful information to the end user. The user interest comes in from the personal component of the content. E.g. Information on movie tickets, news, banking account etc. These also include productivity services like missed call information which brings back lost business opportunity for the operators. They also include user request for information on other product categories like real-estate, education etc.
. mCommerce VAS (Transactional services)- mCommerce VAS allow the use to conduct a transaction using the mobile phone. These services are in a very nascent phase and are not really available to most users.

Our Solutions

With over 100 mobile domain specialists, PocketStudioz has a wide understanding of mobile and wireless technologies across various markets, including:

. Field Service - Manufacturing industry, Auto parts inventory, schedules

. Financial Services - Banking, online trading

. Healthcare - Interfacing to real-time medical devices, patient records and test results

. Wireless Internet - WAP, chatting, messaging

. Mobile Enterprise - e-mail, databases, group presentations

. Retail - Point of sales, inventory tracking

. Transportation - location tracking, fleet tracking

Furthermore, PocketStudioz has a deep understanding of the technological challenges that software product companies face in implementing mobile solutions, such as:

. Device-specific programming expertise

. Network-specific programming expertise

. Continuous infrastructure development

. Ongoing system development and maintenance

. Integration and customization

The competitive market environment and technology challenges have made it imperative for ISVs to seek partner help in product realization. PocketStudioz provides a cost-effective and flexible Managed Service Offering (MSO) that enables software companies to develop, validate and deploy mobile products and applications from an end-to-end perspective.

PocketStudioz specializes in a complete range of mobile solutions:

Mobile Application Development Platforms:

. Symbian
. J2me
. BlackBerry
. Android
. Windows Mobile/ Smart Phones
. Palm
. iPhone
. Embedded Linux
. Nucleus

Wireless/Mobile Application Offerings:

. GPS/ Location based app services
. Security
. Interoperability
. Video Streaming
. E-commerce
. Gaming
. Migration & Porting
. Testing & Integration Server Side Application/Interface:
. Streaming Server
. Tomcat/Apache/IIS
. J2ee
. Dot Net Framework Network Service Provider/OEMs:
. All operators
. All mobile OEMs OurExpertise

Technical Skills

. Online and offline mobile application development for various mobile phones
. Porting applications for different categories of mobile phones
. Mobile applications testing and integration with various Networks
. Wireless internet security
. Location-Based Service (LBS) application integration with carrier networks
. Instant messaging services and interoperability with messengers
. Applications for mobile workforce of enterprises
. Integrated billing solutions
. Application Servers: LBS Engine, Points of Interest, Streaming Server, Web App Server

. Enabling Technologies:

1. Device side development platforms: J2ME, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile/ Pocket PC, Palm, BREW , iPhone, Embedded Linux, Nucleus
2. Communications: GPRS 2.5G, 3.0G, 4.0G, WAP, Bluetooth
3. Network: SMS/MMS, WAP Push, Enterprise Application
4. Mobile Web Services Platforms: J2EE, Dot NET framework
5. Mobile Databases
6. Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

Technical Experience

. Developing and porting Mobile applications for a host of platforms
. Developing network-dependent distributed applications
. Multimedia real-time audio and video streaming on various mobile platforms
. GPS-based LBS applications
. Points of Interest application integration
. Real-time traffic data integration
. Map Guidance on mobile phones
. Mobile fleet management Embedded technologies PocketStudioz provide services across all type of processors and operating systems, including Embedded-Linux, VxWorks, uCOS II, Nucleus. Our expertise are the good understanding of the layers of the embedded systems, BlueTooth stack, GPS, BIOS, firmware, protocol stacks, device drivers.
. Development of Real Time Embedded system applications
. Real Time OS based Multi-threaded Apps.
. Development and enhancement of firmware
. Development of Device Drivers.
. Development of Protocol Stacks
. Feature enhancement for existing systems.
. Test automation for existing platforms.

Website development

. PocketStudioz website design & development division is a collaboration of distinct talent. Our diverse experience compliments multi-technology project requirements. Our design portfolio is a mix of effective and experimental strategies that pushes you to standout in the competition. We undertake HTML design, dynamic Flash programming and complex Flash action script projects. Five Phases of website design and development:

Planning and Design

. In the website planning and design phase, you'll determine who your target audience is, what they're looking for and how you'll help them find it easily. This phase also includes layout and design, color scheme, navigation, graphics and other elements of the site's look and feel.
. Usability Testing
. Usability testing can provide feedback on how well it meets your goals. Usability testing (or user testing) involves having users who represent your target audience navigate through your website and perform specific tasks. This is often an eye-opening exercise as you find what seems obvious to you is not at all obvious to your users. Performing this early-stage usability testing makes sure you're getting your money's worth.


. Under development phase, which includes converting content into HTML and developing interactive features such as forms, email setup, online ordering and connections to backend systems. At this point, a second round of testing is a must. This functionality testing makes sure the applications are working as intended. Links go where they should and the site functions as planned.


. At implementation phase, which is taking your site live. Plan on about one full day to complete implementation and keep in mind that there will most likely be glitches and problems. Work with your developer and your website host to resolve them.


. Website Maintenance is a critical and often neglected step in website development. Putting up a website and letting it sit means it quickly becomes outdated (often referred to as a "cobweb site"). As information about your business changes, make sure you update your website, website Design, robust software and high levels of security are critical to the success of a company.
. Other website related expertise of PocketStudioz includes:


. PocketStudioz can enhance your e-business success with highly secure, customized and effective e-commerce website design.
. PocketStudioz offers full-featured commerce solutions & shopping cart solutions with unique interface design. Our e-commerce website development solutions allow you to conveniently setup your e-commerce store using reliable and secure credit card processing through any chosen merchant accounts. In addition, we may also include CRM application integration and provide a web administrative interface - specially designed for easy use.
. PocketStudioz offers solutions that are packed with platform independent interfaces and powerful modules. They are easy to install, simple to use, high-performance, scalable and powerful 'secure' shopping cart solutions. PocketStudioz can help you create an online catalog for a shopping cart; manage orders, payments and security and sort processing features through the administrative control panel online.

Web 2.0/Social Networking

PocketStudioz enables you to move your existing Web applications to a more participatory model with Web 2.0 concepts and technologies. The Web has changed. And it is changing fast, revolutionizing how business, people or process connect and work. While young companies are emerging off the block with exciting ideas and applications, the old guard of internet companies is transforming their existing applications to the new Web 2.0 paradigm. The question is no longer 'why' but 'why not' and 'how'. The changing web landscape provides an opportunity for companies like you to move ahead of the pack and engage your customers in radically different ways. Partnering with PocketStudioz enables you to engineer solutions geared towards evolving your business in the new web. We help customers create business case, transformation roadmap, and implement visions by bringing depth, experience, tools, and processes.

Web 2.0 Services

Envisioning The central challenge of the new internet is its evolving business model. Our envisioning services begin with competitive and gap analysis, covers customer experience modeling and roadmap development, and includes areas such as governance to realize the full benefits of a Web 2.0 transformation. Our advisory services are offered over interactive and participatory white boarding sessions -modeled on the Web 2.0 paradigm. We engage your product, business, and sales leadership to whiteboard solutions through structured collaborative brainstorming.

Multi Cycle Implementation

In a world governed by perpetual betas, it is essential to set up a replicable process of innovation implementation. PocketStudioz has optimized the delivery process that the Web 2.0 rigor demands. Our services help clients accelerate R&D economics, scale up technology resource bandwidth, shorten technology learning curve, and take advantage of emerging platforms. We deploy agile methodology, fail-safe governance, and program management services to ensure that your vision is executed at the best quality and before the scheduled release.

Designed Solution Patterns

PocketStudioz's predesigned solution frameworks and patterns help you avoid common pitfalls and provide 'best fit' solutions to your challenges. They accelerate time to market and deliver significant savings in terms of time and effort. The patterns are built on PocketStudioz 's rich experience, and the core learning has been modularized into best practices and best of breed tools in the form of guidance documents, whitepapers, tools, and framework. Key solution include community interaction designs, networked database design, UX design, performance and security design, interoperability, and multi-device support frameworks.

Competency Areas

We have a dedicated Center of Excellence focused on adding wings to your Web 2.0 strategy through deep domain experience in leveraging technology, business, and community engagement tenets. We put our sharpest minds to study the evolving Web and build R&D depth across concepts and technology. Key competency areas include:
. Design patterns: RIA, UGC, SOAP, Networked database, AJAX, Mashups, RDFs, and more.
. Technology: Windows Platform, LAMP stack, RoR, Laszlo, RIA based APIs, User experience engineering platforms like Silverlight, Flash, and Flex.
. Process: Modified agile methodology, release governance, and collaborative co-engineering.

Project Support:

PocketStudioz offers a wide range of services that include model generation, production drawing creation, tooling, simulation and manufacturing to assist customers in any given stage of a project.

Rapid Prototypes:

PocketStudioz provides services in Rapid Prototypes and Rapid Tooling. The prototype material used can be ABS, Glass filled nylon or Metal, based on the customer's requirement. The tooling is done by metal sintering process and the tools can be used up to 1 million impressions depending on the component.